Sunday, December 26, 2010

Taxi companies in Helsingborg seeking 8 of them taxi drivers

Special transport services and taxis. You must be service oriented, friendly, cooperative and accommodating. Able to communicate in Swedish in speech and writing. 

Education / Experience 
Taxi ID is required and preferably experience from having previously worked as a Taxi driver. A must is to have local knowledge in Helsingborg / Skåne. 

Duration / Working Hours

Full time
Full Service. Daytime, evenings and weekends. Indefinite duration beginning with the trial.


Garantilön under contract and commission.

Application deadline: 2011-01-15

We do not accept applications by e-mail.

Niklas Bengtsson,
Tel:  042-120200

Deadline: 2011-01-15

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wanted Cleaners in Malmo, Sweden

We are looking for a person for cleaning in Svedala. 

You will work on cleaning in Svedala, it is about office cleaning. You will work 6 hours per week even weeks, uneven weeks 8 hours / week. The work is in the morning, does not require a license. You should ideally have worked on cleaning in the past and have a positive attitude to your work.

Duration / Working Hours

The position is preceded by six months probation .
Fixed salary

Send your application documents incl. CV

We accept application by e-mail:

Reneriet AB Lodgatan 12 21124 MALMÖ

Deadline: 2011-01-04

Friday, December 24, 2010

Waiter / Waitress @ Malmo, Sweden

We are looking for extra catering staff to include New Year's Eve. If you are applying to have training or experience and be able to work independently. Please submit your application.

Duration / Working Hours
Fixed term contracts 11 days - 3 months

Fixed salary

We accept application by e-mail:

Tel:  040-306850

Deadline: 2011-01-07

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cook and Grill Cook @ Gothenburg, Sweden

Tandoor Restaurant is an Indian restaurant that serves traditional Indian cuisine in a modern way. Tandoor is now looking for two full-time employees who can handle tasks in the kitchen. One is the head chef and the other for the barbecue chef. To get more information about our food, you can visit our website

Good experience and good knowledge of Indian food, and otherwise work experience in the kitchen is a plus. 

Duration / Working Hours
Full time
Weekdays and weekends
Access: 2011-02-01
Salary: Fixed salary

Application deadline: 2011-01-15
Send your application by mail to Tandoor Restaurant, Bangatan 21, 414 63 Gothenburg, Sweden or by e-mail.

Tandoor Restaurant 41 463 GOTHENBURG
We accept application by e-mail:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cook, Swedish dishes @ Hedemora

Restaurant foundry in Hedemora seeking a trained chef with previous work. 
The chef must be able to do home cooking and a la carte meals.The chef is responsible for purchasing goods and to take decisions and plan menus.  Probationary apply.


Restaurant Smeltery 
77 633 Hedemora 


Application deadline: 2011-01-20
Employers receive applications by mail and e-mail
We accept application by e-mail:

Cleaning jobs in Göteborg, Sweden

We are looking for experienced cleaners, who can clean private houses and apartments in the Goteborg region.

You can choose to work part-time or full-time, and you can largely decide your own schedule. The families will be friendly and appreciative of your work, and you will develop a personal relationship with them, as you alone will be responsible for cleaning their homes.

We offer a salary of 115 kr/h (102,65 kr/h plus 12% semesterersättning), free monthly bus/tramway card, 250 kr/month for internet and telephony, a bonus program, and 3 000 kr per year for healthcare/fitness. For cleaning outside Göteborg, we also offer travel compensation.
To be eligible, you should
1. Have documented experience from professional cleaning
2. Be reliable, timely, and service-minded
3. Be fluent in Swedish, or English, or both, as you will communicate directly with your clients
4. Have a residence or work permit in Sweden
5. Want to work for HomeWork for a minimum of 12 months

To apply, please fill out our basic application at . It is designed to save your time, and will take only a couple of minutes to complete. Because of the large number of applications, please DO NOT CALL us. Please note that we always review and reply to ALL applications.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Paper Distribution Jobs (Sweden)

Reklam Distribution and Sorting:(paper distribution )

On every Sunday there is a Reklam paper (Advertisements) that is distributed by a company in Sweden. You can also sort or arrange the advertisements on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Distribution is only to be done on Saturday,Sunday. The job description is that you get a bunch of papers on any given location which you inform the company (it can be your own apartment as well) and it is there that you organize the papers. Afterwards you load the paper on to a cart provided by the company and distribute it in a district. If you do a single district you can earn almost around 150-200 SEK a day. It takes about 3-4 hours to deliver the Advertisements. Sorting the advertisements can also give you 200-300 SEK each day.(it's depend upon of advertisements papers)you can also get more.


Vacancies in McDonald's (Sweden)

McDonald's is the world's largest restaurant chain with more than 30 000 restaurants in 119 countries.

In Sweden today there are about 230 restaurants across the country being visited daily by over 400 000 people. Our goal is to make our guests happy by serving delicious food cooked by high-quality ingredients, with fast and friendly service in clean and pleasant rooms.

We at Mcdonalds A6 McDrive looking for people who are service oriented, willing to work in teams, like working with people, want to take responsibility and can work nights when we have open around the clock.

As a new employee at McDonald's, you'll learn all the tasks in the kitchen, and dining room cash. After completing initial training, you will rotate between different areas of work. We give you the opportunity to learn even more and get ahead in your development. By taking part of our training program, you can eg train to be a supervisor.
Your interest and your ambitions will determine how far you want to develop in McDonald's

We apply the probationary during the first six months of employment.

Send application to:
rita.fogarasi @
Application: Apply by 2010-12-31 by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page. We only accept applications via the online form on this page.


Rita Fogarasi
Human Resources