Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dishwashers - Mälmo

Urma Restaurang and Catering, Mamö, is looking for Dishwasher for their daily work in restaurant.

You should have good experience in related field. and also you know the Swedish and English to understand the instructions.

This is part time job but i is possibility to extend full time based on performance.

If you are interesting in this position please forward your CV's to bellow mentioned email ids: with subject line "Diskare". You can send your application before 12th December 2011.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Indian Chef at Götenberg

We are looking for an Indian chef to our famous restaurant at götenberg. The employ should have some knowledge in the turkish cuisine. It is a full time employment for summer. The salary will give according to agreement. If you want more information, employ can call to the given number.

Hasan Özyurt
Phone: 049850123
Cell: 0707684449

Monasteries well deroz AB
Visby Road 21
62254, Romakloster

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cleaner Jobs at Stockholm

We are offering cleaning for homes, gardens, office, window, stair cleaning. we looking for an employ who had experience in cleaning. It is a full time job with good salary.

The employ has to send application to the given e mail id

Reyes mulet
Nordkapsgaten 10 BV
16436, kista

Phone: 08357790

Wanted Indian, Pakistani Chef - Jönköping

We are looking for an experienced Indian , Pakistani chef at our famous restaurant in jönköping. the employ should have knowledge in Indian and Pakistani food items. The job is a full time with according to salary. we want at least two years experienced person. we offer this job as for immediately.

The employ has to send application to the given e mail id

Tandoori palace i jönköping AB
Kvarnhjulsvägen 23
55614, Jönköping

Phone: 0739836796

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Test manager at Växjö

We are looking for a test manager at Växjö. the employ responsible for the entire testing process. the employ should have university education and ability to speak in English. It is a full time job. the person has to work between 8 to 17.

For the application employ has to log in

Modeleine goranason, manager
phone: 0733205636

Framtids vägen 12 A

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mystery Customer Researchers Helion Research

Helion Research

As a Helion Evaluators will you evaluate all sorts of services including, shops, restaurants, bilutställningshallar, the list goes on. You will receive a complete scenario to follow for each assessment and then you fill out an online questionnaire.

You may only select jobs that you can perform in your area and you have the time to complete.

You get paid for any assessment that you made clear at a fixed price that you accepted before you make the evaluation complete. For each store, you get paid between € 10 to € 40 per evaluation and assessment will take about 1-1 and half time to clear. You get paid once a month for the stores you have completed either by bank transfer or via Paypal. About Helion has asked you to make a purchase, you will receive compensation for this cost as previously agreed upon.

The amount of assessments you can finish each month depends on the following -
-How often you apply for stores in your area.
-How many projects and evaluations that are available in your area.
-How much competition is with other Helion evaluator in your area.
-The quality of your completed evaluations.
-Number of stores that fit the required profile in your area.

Mystery Shopping is not a fulltime job but a great way to earn an extra income.

You do not need any experience to become a Helion Evaluators. Helion offers in-depth training and you will receive detailed instructions for each evaluation.

You must have good communication skills and social skills in the local language to become a Helion evaluators, therefore you must act with store employees during each evaluation you do. It is also very important to have good writing skills in English, you need not be second only to Shakespeare but it's important to be accurate.

To apply or to get more information go to or send an email to the contact person.


  • 18 years or older.
  • An eye for detail.
  • Can work with deadlines.
  • Good communication skills
  • Good writing skills
  • Access to a computer with internet access.
  • Can be contacted by phone
  • Live on planet Earth (for the moment we have no mystery visits to Mars)
  • And last but not least ... You must think it's fun!

Visit -

Education IT Sales Consultants

Webanywhere is an International organisation with expertise in developing engaging eLearning
solutions to both the Education and Corporate sectors. With offices in both the UK and America we
are now looking to strengthen our international position with a sales force in Sweden.
Webanywhere is currently the leading provider of school websites and learning platforms to the UK
and we firmly believe that we will replicate our success in Sweden.
With an impressive portfolio of international schools you will be responsible for selling and
promoting our innovative products to schools and companies into the education sector within

The ideal candidate will be an experienced, motivated sales rep with previous exposure to the IT or
Education market. Candidates with direct experience of selling to the Education market will be at a
distinct advantage.

Your Skill Set;
Proven track record in sales
Excellent client facing skills and experience in meeting with clients
A positive, can do attitude
High level of business acumen
A solid understanding of IT systems

With market share the main driver, we are prepared to provide extremely generous margins to
successful applicants. You will be provided with full training, a suite of leading-edge web based
applications to sell and the backing of one of the fastest growing eLearning companies in Europe.
Please forward your CV to

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cleaners jobs in Uppsala

Solekens Home Service Ltd, working with household services, and now needs to boost up the team with another employee. We are looking for someone who is honest and attentive to customers' requirements. You should be able to make their own decisions and work independently and in groups. Access to driver's license is required, and preferably access to your own car. We need extra reinforcement in the form of an hourly position with a fairly regular days / times. You will be working at least 5 hours the days you work. As the need is today the service work between 2-5 days per / week. The work may be developed into a permanent position. The service will be appointed in mid / late August. The working hours are during the day and no bank holidays or weekends. Please submit your application, only via email, due to holidays. Licence-B

Duration / Working Hours
Until further notice
Fixed salary
Applications Deadline: 2011-08-30
Set reference: Cleaner extra
We accept application by e-mail:

SOLEKENS Home Service Ltd
Ullfors Street 13 75228 Uppsala
Tel: 070-6786880
Website : www.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cleaners job in Sweden

Job Detail:
We are Seeking a cleaner for offices and staff areas, a few hours / week.
Working hours and working day by appointment. Duration / Working Hours
Part-time, Fixed salary
We accept application by e-mail:
Last Date: 2011-07-28

Postal address
Slöjdgatan 8 35246 Växjö
Phone: 0470-24390
E-mail: krister.svensson @

Truck Driver in Sweden - Uniflex Sweden AB

Uniflex is a registered staffing agency that works with the hiring, recruitment and reassignment of staff in professional areas of industry, warehousing, construction, electricity, office, restaurant and shop. Uniflex is listed on OMX Stockholm, Small Cap, and in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK. Uniflex is a member of Almega Recruitment companies and have collective bargaining agreements with LO and the Union.
Job Description:
We are looking for 4 pieces of truck drivers with experience of the counterweight (B1). Tasks will include consist of order picking, loading and unloading of trucks. One requirement is that you have at least 2års experience of counterweight. We prefer that you also have experience of terminal work. One of the services is night work with a client who is located south of the city, because it might be good that you have a driving license and access to own car. Personal qualities As a person you should be willing to work, initiative and ambitious.Furthermore, you should have easy to follow instructions, be flexible, positive and not afraid to take in and keep a high tempo as you work. Important to remember is that you will represent Uniflex out in the workplace and related to understand the importance of manage your work exemplary. Services will be appointed immediately. 
Send your application to:
Deadline: 2011-07-31
Enter the reference: 1630
We do not accept applications by email.

Uniflex Sweden AB
Postal address
Uniflex Sweden AB Arenavägen 57 12107 Stockholm Globe Arena
Telephone and Internet

Monday, July 18, 2011

Swedish language skills no prerequisite for a job

While Swedish classes for immigrants are all well and good, the best way to acquire Swedish fluency and boost integration is to encourage immigrants to enter the labour market as soon as possible, argues linguist Sandra Ljung.

The notion that one must first of all acquire fluent Swedish to be able to work is a barrier to integration. Language development and work has to occur in tandem.

The government has touted the ambition to improve SFI classes (Swedish for Immigrants). This is a sound ambition. However, that both illiterate and university-educated immigrants sit together in the same class room and receive Swedish language training, can hardly be regarded as a good education.

Sure it is important to learn Swedish if one is considering building a future in Sweden. But is it important to learn Swedish first? That is to say, before the integration process can commence? Judging by the statements from most political parties in recent years, the answer is yes. Such a resounding yes, that any questioning of it would be regarded as nigh on provocative.

Sure, it can, purely intuitively, appear to be a successful model to suggest that integration is something which occurs gradually. First you need to learn the language, then look for a job, get a job, and then be considered an integrated citizen. The problem is that the model doesn’t work in reality. Those advocating it work on premises which are totally unrealistic, such as, for example, that you can learn a language in classroom, as an adult. You can’t.

The acquisition of a language works best through meetings and conversations with those who speak the foreign language as a mother tongue. This is something everybody knows... in reality.

How many people have learned French for several years in school and still can’t do much more than order a restaurant meal? It is however shown that a year as a student or an au pair in, for example a French family, works wonders for language abilities. Here we are talking about young people who already have an advantage when it comes to learning a foreign language. A 35-year-old is already faced with significant disadvantages.

Work is the best path to integration. Aside from the income and the boost to self-confidence, a job also provides the best possibility to learn the new language. Many people argue that there are professions where strong Swedish is necessary, and that is certainly the case. The example of the doctor is a commonly cited one in this context, but it is far from all immigrants who fit this professional category.

It has become accepted practice to require fluent Swedish regardless of professional affiliation, and to exclude people from the labour market when this can’t be proven. However, communication skills are not acquired through speech alone. It also requires the willingness to listen as well - listen to those who are trying to make themselves understood in broken Swedish.

In a report by Sveriges Radio’s Studio Ett programme in April, we were introduced to two Iraqi men - Ali and Taha - who both emigrated to Sweden in 2006. Taha had done exactly “as he was supposed to do”, i.e. pursued an SFI course and then applied for work, as well as move to a smaller town, but was still without a job five years later, despite the fact that he wanted to work.

Ali had however refused to attend SFI, refused to live on benefits, and insisted on living in Stockholm. It turned out that way as well. Ali never took benefits, has been working for several years, and runs his own convenience store in Östermalm.

The report presented a thought-provoking and touching portrait of two people who had chosen to follow two completely different routes towards establishing themselves in their adopted country. While it provides no simple solutions, and dictates no particular agenda, one thing is clear - SFI has not been the integration elixir for either of the men, and neither for their wives.

Taha's Swedish would appear to be better than Ali’s at this point in time, but Ali’s prospects of improving his Swedish in the future are likely to be greater than Taha’s, as Ali has a job and comes into contact with Swedes on a daily basis, while Taha is stuck in a system where SFI courses are intertwined with short apprenticeships and what he describes as “ridiculous talking shop courses”, where they cut out pictures and make collages about Sweden.

The years pass and one can’t help but wonder how much better Taha’s Swedish and job prospects can become while stuck in permanent alienation?

A shift in attitudes towards immigrant language abilities can’t be achieved by legislation and directives alone. They are however required if integration is to occur, for real.

“Talk is silver, silence is golden” is a phrase uttered from time to time in our country, but it sounds a little dated and peculiar. The expression should instead be “talk is silver, to listen is golden”. Then perhaps a mentality may develop where work and language acquisition occurred simultaneously.

This article was originally published in Swedish on the Newsmill opinion website.

External link: Original article on (in Swedish)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Senior Assistant Accountant / Finance Controller role


I am currently recruiting for a Senior Assistant Accountant / Finance Controller role based in London.

You must have relevant Accountig experience and be a fluent Swedish speaker.

If you are immediately available and interested, or know of anyone who may be, please email me

Look forward to hearig from you.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

IT job in Malmö

Trainee of future consultants in the business!

About the company
Our client company is Europe's leading business systems and a strategic whole IT supplier. The current business unit is part of a larger group. The business unit works with business consulting in M3, which means implementation projects, training, adaptations and modifications of applications and management issues. Customers seeking business consultants in the centers of Linköping, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Växjö, Karlstad.

Your duties
We see great opportunities for you, together with our client's experienced consultants, implement exciting customer projects both locally and globally. As a consultant with our client you will work on projects with implementations of the ERP system Movex/M3. Your duties will be present in all phases of an implementation project from business and process analysis to the configuration and end user training and support. Our clients are both local and international companies, which means some travel. You will be part of its projected trainee program. It includes, inter alia, to gain insight into the business system M3, mentoring and practical experience.
Your Profile
We see that you have a University education. You also have a license, you speak good English and Swedish. It is an advantage if you have any experience with M3/Movex and if you have previous work experience, preferably from manufacturing or distributing company.We looking both those who have recently graduated and those who have both studies a few years of business experience behind you. You must have an understanding of business processes and will help our customers to support them through effective information systems. As a person you forward, good at building relationships and to work together in groups. Entrepreneurship and problem solving skills are highly valued. In the long term, we see that it is possible for you to become a specialist in a number of modules or project manager

Employer: Future AB
Professional title: Development Engineer, engineer
Profession: IT Consultant
Region: Malmö
Employee Status: Full-time
Location: Malmö

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dishwasher wanted for summer season, June 15 - August 15, 2011

Dishwasher wanted for summer season, June 15-August 15

With the possibility of additional jobs in the spring.

Salary by agreement.
Scheduled working 40 hours / week
Access June 15, 2011

Written application to

Do you like IT, travel and self-responsibility?

We are looking for someone who likes to work independently and driven by challenges! You will work with the tie and maintain contacts to our customer. You are a technical problem solvers who can develop programs in Java2EE while you master your techniques.

You will perform installations, configurations, developing Web pages and applications, connecting systems and perform tests. You will travel everywhere and be a problem solver on-site at customer.

Your profile:
You are a problem solver to his fingertips. You have a university degree in a relevant area with very good knowledge of English and Swedish. More languages ​​are an advantage.Furthermore, you have approximately two years of programming experience, preferably within Java2EE. You have mastered web technologies such as Unix, Linux and feel comfortable with various Web-based applications.

As a person you are convinced that the best path to success is through customer satisfaction. You are humble, have positive energy, forward, open to change and you love to travel.

Our client can offer you international career opportunities, personal development and some of the most interesting assignments within IT.

Start: Immediately

Salary: Individual wage determination

Application: To apply, you must be printed in our database, Press "send notification" and follow the instructions.

Madeleine Goransson, Staffing Assistant, 0733-20 56 36,

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wanted Newspaper Distributor in UPPSALA

We are a distribution company that distributes newspapers, periodicals and magazines. We are looking for distributors in both the Journal Östhammar and Uppsala

Duties: Distribution of newspapers and other products. Night Job.
Qualifications: You must be 18 years old. For some districts need a B license.
Duration / Working Hours : Permanent
Part-time: Access Immediately
Application deadline: 2011-03-31
Applications are only accepted scriptures
Set reference: Newspaper Distributor

Katarina Sjögren Budchef tel 018-478 1013, katarina.sjogren @
Address : UNT Distribution AB Box 36 75103 UPPSALA, Tel: 018-478100
Website :

We do not accept applications by e-mail.
Deadline: 2011-03-31

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nordic Distribution Channel Manager Job

Nordic Distribution Channel Manager
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Job Summary
What began as a better way to build software in 1993– openness, transparency, collaboration- soon shifted the balance of power in an entire industry. Today, Red Hat, Inc is the world´s most trusted provider of Linux and open source technology, headquartered in Raleigh, NC. We provide operating system software along with middleware, applications and management solutions. Red Hat, Inc also offers support, training and consulting services to its customers worldwide and through top-tier partnerships.

The revolution continues. As we are a strong growing company in all units worldwide we are looking for qualified and highly motivated people to join the ride. To support our teams we are looking for you as:

The respective candidate
  • is responsible for managing the Distribution channel in Nordic
  • is responsible for managing the relationships to our distributors on Nordic level
  • is responsible for managing all relevant programs and offerings for our Distributors this includes contracts, terms and conditions, renewal offerings and any other program being made available to our Distributors
  • is responsible for supporting our regions and countries with their local distributor relationships and oversees the execution of global and european programs
  • is responsible for managing the Distributor efforts based on defined metrics
  • is responsible for definition and execution of relevant programs to the entire channel via distributors this includes training programs for Ready Partners, recruitment programs for resellers, renewal program, SEP program
  • is responsible for achieving the incremental revenue targets with our Distributors which includes definition and execution of relevant sales program
  • is strongly coordinating our MDF efforts with Nordic Partner Marketing
  • is closely working with Finance, Operations and Legal to increase efficiency, offloading countries
  • is responsible for recruitment and enablement Business Partners/Solutions Providers via Distributors to drive revenue through those partners in coordination with the Manager, Partner Programs
  • is responsible for the Hosting via the channel program
  • is working closely with our Global teams to define and execute global programs, alignment, common processes and best practices
  • owns and meets a Nordic Distributor quota; regular forecasting & measurement of the channel success based on defined metrics

Job Requirements
4-6 years sales experience working with Partners/Distributors
6-8 years of successful solution software direct and/or indirect sales experience
Preferred 2-3 years experience in a European role
An understanding of Open Source related sales cycle
A solid understanding of Linux infrastructure

Friday, February 11, 2011

PHP programmer in Karlskrona

Hemkonsulten looking for coders / developers / programmers with good knowledge / experience in PHP or ASP.NET.

-Software Developer specializing in PHP or
SQL Server
Search engine optimization

We are looking for a structured, quality-conscious and self-developers. You will be responsible for building a variety of services online.

You can send your application by email:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Support Staff, Arabic, Somali, Tigrinya or Thai


Borlänge   (Kommuninformation)8 platser 
The work consists of troubleshooting Windows computers on the phone, provide solutions in an easily understandable and customer friendly way. 

Personal profile 
It is important that you are a positive person who likes to talk to customers on the phone. You like and have the ability to communicate in a friendly, courteous but also professional manner. 

You are solution-oriented, like to take responsibility and perform, are loyal and honest, speak clearly and are able to take control of a conversation. You are flexible and can handle stress and are open to management feedback and can follow instructions. The personal qualities will be highly valued in the recruitment. 

Basic requirements 
You must manage one of the following four languages plus English: 

Speak and write Arabic and English fluently 
Speak and write Somali and English fluently 
Speak and write Tigrinya and English fluently 
Speak and write Thai and English fluently 

It is an advantage if you also can speak and write in Swedish. 

Preferable skills 
It is an advantage the more knowledge you have on Windows and computers, but we also welcome persons with no technical background if the language skills are good. 

We are looking for people with knowledge and experience of computers and Windows, Internet, Internet Security, Antivirus, home networking, etc. on a user level. No formal training is necessary. 

You will need to have a technical interest and be able to understand written technical information and translate it into practical use. 

Terms of employment: 
Working hours are normally on weekdays during business hours (probably 9-18) and occurs at our facility in Borlänge. 

You are welcome with your complete application as soon as possible, prefer today, via this link . We expect you to describe your background, education, any technical skills, your personal qualities, tell us a little about yourself and your goals for the future, etc. If you do not live in Borlänge with surroundings, let us know if you're willing to move to Borlänge at short notice. Please note that we do not accept applications by e-mail or regular post.




Fast lön
Enligt avtal


You are welcome with your complete application via this link Ansök via extern webbplats
Vi tar inte emot ansökan via e-post.




BOX 966 



Telefon och internet

Tel: 0243-213800

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Job fair in Kalmar (Feb 10-12, 2011)


5000jobb to be part of a larger event, 10-12 February 2011 at Kalmar Castle, co-organized with Linnaeus students and their careers fair, KARMA. It will be the largest and most comprehensive recruitment event in the region. 5000jobb will be held on 12 February 2011.  

Here all most all the big hotels in kalmar and Oland (near kalmar, iland) hotels will take applications from the job seakers for summer job. and many other comapnies like cleaning and etc also will be there.

If you want to attend this job fair, first, you should register in , then you can attend the job fair in Kalmar,

Karta till eventet
5000jobb kommer i år att ingå i regionens mest kompletta arbetsmarknadsevent, på Kalmar Slott 10-12 februari. Högtryck Calmar AB anordnar detta event tillsammans med Linnéstudenterna och deras arbetsmarknadsdag, KARMA.


(ett mer komplett program kommer)
  • Torsdag 10 februari: Debatternas dag! Vi öppnar dörrarna kl 09.00
  • Fredag 11 februari: KARMA! Vi öppnar dörrarna kl 09.00
  • Lördag 12 februari: 5000jobb! Vi öppnar dörrarna kl 09.00 (du kommer att få SMS om vilken tid just du ska infinna dig för eventet)
Det kostar 50:- i inträde. Du kommer att få en ”gottepåse” vid entrén.

Bli medlem

För att komma in på eventet krävs att du registrerar ditt CV under Bli medlem. När du registrerar dig så kommer du att få verifiera dig via ett email. När du har gjort det så har du tillgång till att fylla i dina personuppifter, ladda upp bild och fylla ditt CV.
För att du ska vara kvalificerad att delta på 5000jobb-mässan så måste man ha fyllt i CV:et och verifierat sitt mobilnummer.


Även i år kommer arbetsgivarna att söka sommarjobbare via speed-dating. Förbered dig för detta och glöm inte att skriva ut ett antal CV som du tar med dig till eventet. Du får träffa varje arbetsgivaren i 3 minuter. Målet är att du ska hinna dejta 5 företag.


Vi kommer att ha 2 insläpp, detta för de brandföreskrifter som finns på Kalmar Slott och för att minska köerna och att alla ska ha möjlighet att träffa så många arbetsgivare som möjligt.

PHP Developer in Växjö

Web developers with high expertise in PHP and CMS / eCommerce 

Who are we? 
SiteDirect Professional Web Solutions is one of the leading providers of professional web solutions for e-commerce and cms / publishing. 

Our proprietary platform SiteDirect ® contains a large number of modules which are complemented by adjustments to meet our customers' specific needs and desires. The products and solutions targeted at both the Swedish and the global market. 
The company has expanded steadily and today we are 20 employees at an office in central Växjö. 

Who are you? 
We are looking for an ambitious web developer to our product development team to create future products for web and e-commerce, where you will be working with the latest technologies. 
As a web developer, you should therefore have high skills in php, mysql, javascript, html and css. Also good knowledge of ajax, web services, XML and experience of e-commerce, integration and ERP is a considerable merit. 

We prefer that you have many years experience in web development as either professional or a passionate hobby. As a person you should have easy to work with other employees in our development team. It is important that you have a good analytical ability, good sense of problem solving and working in a structured and result-oriented manner. 

The work involves the further development of existing and new functionality in our platform SiteDirect ®. 
* Development of web-based platform for CMS / eCommerce (php, mysql, html, css, javascript, ajax) 
* System design and analysis of new features 
* Implementation of object-oriented php 
* Testing and documentation 

You must be proficient in English and Swedish because our products are international (any additional language is of course an advantage). 

Why work at SiteDirect? 
* We are a happy bunch who work together in modern premises in central Växjö. 
* We have a stimulating work environment with short and committed employees. 
* We welcome the personal growth and offers our employees to set aside time for ongoing skills enhancement activities such as training, trade fairs and seminars. 
* We also have a wellness allowance, and cooperation with private health care for our employees to feel good. 
* We have high aspirations and visions for the future that drives the company to continuously evolve and has had steady growth since its inception in 2001. 

Reply with CV via e-mail, including practical work samples and references to

Software Developer in Jonkoping

As an internal supplier to Swedish courts, the Court's IT department plays a central role.Courts Administration works including to realize the government's aim to expand ICT-based services in public administration. 

IT department currently has 70 employees and works in a contemporary setting with modern tools. The workplace is located in beautiful offices in central Jönköping. 
Now we need more skilled employees who can participate and work towards the Courts of Sweden exciting new challenges. 

Development and management of internal and external web sites and in e-training and document management. You will have to adapt standard products, which are mostly MS-based, after the company's needs, but also provides the ability to manage the development from scratch. 
The work is in projects with RUP as methodology. 

* You must be IT education at university level or equivalent. 
* Experience of managing and developing business systems. 
* Experience of system development tools for handling audio and video. 
* Experience and interest in educational work in learning situations. 
* Good knowledge of Adobe products. 
* Good knowledge of Microsoft's development environment. 
* SharePoint 
* Web publishing platforms, like EPiServer. 
* Familiarity with RUP and UML. 

Who are you? 
Self-propelled and dare to take the initiative when it is important to prioritize and manage change. You are creative, educational and think it's fun to solve problems. The work means that you will have much contact with other people, which requires you to cooperate and have a feel for the service. 

What Can Courts Administration offer you? 
As a system of Courts Administration, you will have an important role in efforts to manage and develop modern systems for the Courts of Sweden. We offer variety of tasks over time, where there is opportunity to grow and develop. 
You may work in a modern technical environment and we also offer excellent staff benefits and excellent training opportunities. 

This recruitment cooperate Courts Administration with Hays. For further information on the services going into or contact Asa Granqvist on asa.granqvist @ . 
Your application, we want immediately, but not later than 17 / 1.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Web developer for Axiell Group in Lund

Company Name: Axiell Group AB 

Axiell Group is looking for an experienced Web Developer with a genuine interest in implementing usable and accessible user interfaces, primarily in Axiell´s latest product Axiell Arena. 

Axiell Arena is a state-of-the-art web portal and content collaboration platform, where web services at central and local levels collaborate to deliver information and functionality to archive, library and museum websites. 

The product is to a large extent based on Java-based open source frameworks and tools, and we are using an Agile development process based on the Scrum methodology. 

- act as a key player in the analysis, design and implementation of the User Interface (UI) layer in Axiell Arena and other Axiell Group products 
- communicate and cooperate both within the development department and with other parts of the organization 
- actively participate in managing and improving the UI development platform and processes 
- keep yourself updated on the latest technologies and tools. 

You have a degree or diploma in Computer Science or similar, and have at least five years experience of designing and implementing Java-based Web User Interfaces in an enterprise environment. 

We are looking for a person who: 
- has a human touch and has a good sense of what cooperation means 
- is structured in working methods and analytical in thinking 
- likes to combine technical know-how with business solutions 
- has a strong drive 
- has good communication skills in English. 

Experience of working with any of Wicket, Liferay or other JSR-286 Portlet Containers, Javascript, REST, CXF, Spring or Maven in an Agile development environment is considered an advantage. 

The location for the position is Lund, Sweden
Axiell Group is the leading supplier of IT systems and services to European libraries, museums and archives. We develop technically advanced and innovative solutions in close cooperation with our customers. More than 700 public libraries, 3000 school/special libraries and 350 archives and museums are using Axiell’s management systems. 

Axiell is operating in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the UK and Ireland, and employs around 240 people. 

You can apply from our website:

McDonald's is looking for employees for Summer 2011 in Sweden

McDonald's is the world's largest restaurant chain with more than 30 000 restaurants in 119 countries. In Sweden today there are about 230 restaurants across the country being visited daily by over 400 000 people. Our goal is to make our guests happy by serving delicious food cooked by high-quality ingredients, with fast and friendly service in clean and pleasant rooms.
McDonald's in Västervik are currently recruiting for summer 2011 with part-time employment.

As a new employee at McDonald's, you'll learn all the tasks in the kitchen, and dining room cash. After completing initial training, you will rotate between different areas of work.

We give you the opportunity to learn even more and get ahead in your development. By taking part of our training program, you can eg train to be a supervisor.
Your interest and your ambitions will determine how far you want to develop in McDonald's.

We are looking for people who are service oriented, willing to work in teams, like working with people and want to take responsibility.

A warm welcome with an application no later than 28 / 2 2011th

We apply the probationary during the first six months of employment.
Do you have any questions please contact Josefina Dahlin on phone 0490-31500.
Application: Apply by 2011-02-28 by clicking on the beside link of this page. We only accept applications via the online form on this page.

46 Effective ways to find a job in Sweden

This is a list of 46 effective ways how to find a job in Sweden:

  • Sweden job through going personally to as many companies in Sweden as you can to deliver your presentation letter and CV. 
  • That somebody recommends you from your previous Sweden job.
  • With letters of recommendation from your previous Sweden job. 
  • Sweden job through sending unsolicited applications. 
  • Sweden job through applying as a trainee
  • Sweden job through applying offering to work for free the first months
  • Sweden job through the state job employment service (
  • Sweden job through your social network (friends and family)
  • Sweden job through friends already working in a company
  • Sweden job through networking at a social event
  • Sweden job through speaking with your neighbors about your situation
  • Sweden job through contacting your former bosses
  • Sweden job through contacting former teachers for advice or job opportunities in your field.
  • Seasonal job in Sweden
  • Sweden job through using the schools and universities public blackboards to find job opportunities.
  • Sweden job through looking for jobs in the newspapers of Sweden
  • Sweden job through answering job opportunities in newspapers appropriate to your field.
  • Sweden job through answering job opportunities in professional journals or newspapers appropriate to your field.
  • Sweden job through the temporary employment agencies in Sweden (Stepstone, adecco, Academic work, and Student consulting etc)
  • Sweden job through registering with personnel or headhunting agencies in Sweden.
  • Sweden job through going to professional private employment agencies in Sweden.
  • Sweden job through using career advisory services in Sweden
  • Sweden job through using social networking sites (linkedin, twitter, facebook etc)
  • Sweden job through opening your own blog
  • Sweden job through commenting on blogs and forums introducing yourself and expressing your need for a job.
  • Sweden job through using the Internet to post your own resume.
  • Sweden job through placing your own ad in a newspaper or on the Internet.
  • Sweden job through advertising yourself in professional association publications
  • Sweden job through posting your CV in a database of a job portal
  • Sweden job through posting your CV in a database in a recruitment company.
  • Sweden job through posting your CV in a database of a company
  • Sweden job through using job portals to look for specific job opportunities that you can send your CV to jobs website.
  • Sweden job through entering to the websites of the companies you are interested, and see if they have new job vacancies
  • Sweden job through trying with small and medium companies and not just the big and international companies.
  • Sweden job through trying to find any unpublished job opportunities.
  • Sweden job with online career round tables in the big companies.
  • Sweden job through going to career fairs in Sweden
  • Sweden job through asking in your embassy
  • Sweden job through going to places where employers go to pick out workers, for example: unions.
  • Sweden job through by yourself, using yellow pages to call employers in those fields you are interested and ask them if they're hiring.
  • Sweden job through grouping together with other job-seekers.
  • Sweden job through changing a hobby into a job.
  • Sweden job through becoming a local handyman.
  • Sweden job through becoming a Freelancer
  • Sweden job through offering yourself as a consultant.
  • Sweden job through working as a volunteer, hoping to get a permanent job later on.

As you have read this is a very complete list of ways how to find a job in Sweden. If you know any other way to find jobs in Sweden please post here, so i can update the list. And give me your comments on this page.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Extra Work in Karlskrona

Manpower Students is for those who are active student in one of the country's universities and colleges. We offer extra work in all areas of exciting companies in most industries. We add the foundation for your future career by building an attractive resume and a large network while servants supplement study fund. Twittering you? Be part of Manpower Student job by becoming a Follower of / Student Job. 

Job Description 
We are looking for someone who wants to work extra. If you are seeking is another main occupation in the form of studies, pension or similar. 
The workload varies, which means more or less work different periods and to meet customer requirements we have high demands for flexibility. 
The work is in cash, desk and easier Economy chores. 

Who are you? 
As a person you mature, service oriented, positive, flexible and are orderly. You have a good computer skills and have basic knowledge of English. 
Merit is if you have knowledge or experience from basic economics chores or studying economics. 

What can we offer you? 
We strive to be your way out of work. We help you to put a solid foundation for your study and then becomes your natural way advance their careers through Manpower's vast network. 

Manpower seeks diversity 
We value the qualities that an even age and gender, and ethnic and cultural diversity brings to the business. 

You are looking for the aforementioned services via the application link below. For more information, please contact Mikaela Vinestrand telephone 0455-30 27 77th We will take care of applications running applications so as soon as you can.

And you can submit your application on  

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Waiter / Waitress in Stockholm, Sweden

Momi is looking for a kaffébiträde, a bartender and a servitöris immediately. 
Duration / Working Hours
Full time / Part time
Fixed salary

Imad Iskander 

Momi in Stockholm AB Humlegårdsgatan 
Tel: 073-5021019

Application deadline: 2011-01-20

We do not accept applications by e-mail.

China Chef Wanted in Växjö

Spice & Rice is looking for a chef. You should have experience in the profession and it is an advantage if you've been working at an Asian restaurant earlier

Man seeking work through a personal visit to the restaurant after 16:00
We do not accept applications by e-mail.
Ting Zhen Guo   
0470-740111, VAXJO,Växjö

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sales Solutions Specialist - Internet, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Website Analytics & Traffic

Are you a technically minded professional but love the thrill of a sales environment? Would you like to combine the two within a globally successful and expanding IT company? Melbourne IT is a vibrant and high profile global leader in the supply of domain names and related internet solutions. Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, Melbourne IT is a well-established global brand known for its excellence in service and support.

Melbourne IT is looking for a Sales Solutions Specialist to join our evolving Web Traffic Services (WTS) team in Stockholm. The WTS division provides strategic online solutions to enable multinational corporations to be more successful with their online investments. The consultative solutions we provide to our international clients include strategies for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Website Analytics and Measurement.

This person will work together with the Global Manager to execute on sales and marketing strategies and tactical initiatives to grow Web Traffic Services globally.

Responsible for supporting the Web Traffic Services sales initiatives globally.
Responsible for pre-sales activities such as proposal generation and presentations.
Develop and execute training initiatives to client and sales teams to support the growth of Web Traffic Services.
Work closely with the Global Web Traffic Services Manager and product and marketing teams to assist with growth, penetration, marketing and innovation strategies.
Collaborate and interact with our global consulting to understand client deliverables and service to help in sales efforts.
Assist in educating our global team in 14 locations worldwide to promote Web Traffic Services.

Experience in working in an interactive agency or internet consulting environment.
Experience in a sales or pre-sales related role with proven success.
Experience with international consulting engagements and/or account management.
Strong English and Swedish communication (verbal and written), organization and client interaction skills.
Other language skills (such as German, French or Spanish) are advantageous.
Excellent time management skills.
Strong communication skills via presentations, phone calls and in-person meetings.
Thrive in environment that requires managing your own daily work and priorities.
Work well in a multidiscipline team environment providing leadership in areas of expertise.

In return for your commitment, we offer you a career in an international company with extensive responsibility, autonomy and independence. We have a history of providing global opportunities for our high performing employees. If you are seeking a career in the ever expanding online world apply now through our careers website at