Saturday, January 8, 2011

Extra Work in Karlskrona

Manpower Students is for those who are active student in one of the country's universities and colleges. We offer extra work in all areas of exciting companies in most industries. We add the foundation for your future career by building an attractive resume and a large network while servants supplement study fund. Twittering you? Be part of Manpower Student job by becoming a Follower of / Student Job. 

Job Description 
We are looking for someone who wants to work extra. If you are seeking is another main occupation in the form of studies, pension or similar. 
The workload varies, which means more or less work different periods and to meet customer requirements we have high demands for flexibility. 
The work is in cash, desk and easier Economy chores. 

Who are you? 
As a person you mature, service oriented, positive, flexible and are orderly. You have a good computer skills and have basic knowledge of English. 
Merit is if you have knowledge or experience from basic economics chores or studying economics. 

What can we offer you? 
We strive to be your way out of work. We help you to put a solid foundation for your study and then becomes your natural way advance their careers through Manpower's vast network. 

Manpower seeks diversity 
We value the qualities that an even age and gender, and ethnic and cultural diversity brings to the business. 

You are looking for the aforementioned services via the application link below. For more information, please contact Mikaela Vinestrand telephone 0455-30 27 77th We will take care of applications running applications so as soon as you can.

And you can submit your application on