Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mystery Customer Researchers Helion Research

Helion Research

As a Helion Evaluators will you evaluate all sorts of services including, shops, restaurants, bilutställningshallar, the list goes on. You will receive a complete scenario to follow for each assessment and then you fill out an online questionnaire.

You may only select jobs that you can perform in your area and you have the time to complete.

You get paid for any assessment that you made clear at a fixed price that you accepted before you make the evaluation complete. For each store, you get paid between € 10 to € 40 per evaluation and assessment will take about 1-1 and half time to clear. You get paid once a month for the stores you have completed either by bank transfer or via Paypal. About Helion has asked you to make a purchase, you will receive compensation for this cost as previously agreed upon.

The amount of assessments you can finish each month depends on the following -
-How often you apply for stores in your area.
-How many projects and evaluations that are available in your area.
-How much competition is with other Helion evaluator in your area.
-The quality of your completed evaluations.
-Number of stores that fit the required profile in your area.

Mystery Shopping is not a fulltime job but a great way to earn an extra income.

You do not need any experience to become a Helion Evaluators. Helion offers in-depth training and you will receive detailed instructions for each evaluation.

You must have good communication skills and social skills in the local language to become a Helion evaluators, therefore you must act with store employees during each evaluation you do. It is also very important to have good writing skills in English, you need not be second only to Shakespeare but it's important to be accurate.

To apply or to get more information go to or send an email to the contact person.


  • 18 years or older.
  • An eye for detail.
  • Can work with deadlines.
  • Good communication skills
  • Good writing skills
  • Access to a computer with internet access.
  • Can be contacted by phone
  • Live on planet Earth (for the moment we have no mystery visits to Mars)
  • And last but not least ... You must think it's fun!

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