Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Job opportunities for non-Swedish speakers

There are some types of jobs you can apply for even if you do not master Swedish - but speaking English is a necessity. Here are some examples:
• Newspaper delivery
• Advertisement distribution
• Cleaning
• Warehouse work
• Production work within industry
• Embassy work
• Work in restaurants/pubs/cafeterias, e.g. cook, waiter, dishwasher (particularly in restaurants/pubs with a profile from your native country)
• Businesses with English as working language (e.g. big international companies)
• Travel-business: guide/courier (here it is an advantage to master several languages)
• Seasonal work in agriculture (e.g. picking strawberries)
• Packing of books, fruit etc.
• Forwarding and transportation
• Park service/gardening
• Providing private services (gardening, baby-sitting, maintenance work, cleaning, handiwork)
• Work in moving companies
The best way to find job opportunities in Stockholm is to look into news papers, Search the Internet, contact temporary staff recruitment agencies – e.g. Manpower, Adecco, Proffice, etc. Look for job advertisements in store windows and on message boards, read professional journals and specialized magazines and contact employers directly.